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In Trevor Lawrence We Trust

If we never see the version of Trevor Lawrence that threw four first-half interceptions against the Los Angeles Chargers, then all Jacksonville Jaguars fans will be relieved. If we never see the version of Lawrence that took over the game in the second half, then all Jags fans will be slightly upset. Lawrence was astounding in the final 30 minutes on Saturday as the Jags turned an inevitable defeat into a last-second win, a win that means they move on to face the top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday.

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Trevor Lawrence Spurs Epic Comeback

This quote from Lawrence after the game says it all.

“You couldn’t write a better script to win a game like that tonight, so it makes it more special, but don’t want to do that again. Got to take care of the ball. That’s where it starts.”

Lawrence’s greatness started at the back end of the first half. He tossed touchdown passes on four drives in a row – adding a two-point conversion with his legs – to put Jacksonville in position to pull off what had once seemed like an impossible comeback. It was going to take one more drive, a drive where – for the first time in his NFL career – Lawrence had the pressure of a playoff comeback on his shoulders.

He took to the task exactly how you would expect a former No. 1 pick with a storied and illustrious college career to do. Down by two points at 30-28, Lawrence needed to move his Jags into position for Riley Patterson to hit a field goal. It took ten plays and 68 yards, with Lawrence being surgical with his throws and showing a calm above his years in the pocket. Lawrence exploded with emotion when the kick sailed through the uprights to give the Jags a 31-30 win, but in the drive that led to that kick, he was coolness personified.

The split in Larence’s numbers are wild. He completed just five of his first 18 passes. They went for 35 yards, and he threw four picks with no touchdowns. Then, – out of nowhere – Lawrence caught fire. He hit 23 of his final 29 attempts, passing for 253 yards and four touchdowns to zero picks. It was as if a switch had been flipped, a switch that needs to stay in that position for at least another week.

Lawrence has to be on it from the go in Kansas City. The Chargers failed because – after being up 27-0 – they stopped scoring touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes isn’t going to go an entire quarter without a touchdown pass, so giving the Chiefs a 27-0 head start will mean Jakcosncille exiting the playoffs this coming weekend. If Lawrence can play as he did in the second half here, then Jacksonville will have a chance at pulling off what would be a monument playoff upset on the back of Jacksonville Jesus’ arm.

Never forget, Jesus lives in Jacksonville!!

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